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The In-house Company specializes in corporate M&A, joint ventures, strategic tie-ups, licensing and franchising, and private placement.

Who is THINC

We are THINC:
The In-House Company

Who We Are

The In-house Company specializes in corporate M&A, joint ventures, strategic tie-ups, licensing and franchising, and private placement.

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THINC is inspired by our passion to comprehensively guide clients as they set up and evolve their ventures.

Our Manifesto

We THINC with you as if we are your in-house team. THINC work towards crafting practical solutions specific to your business goals.

with you.

As legal consultants and business advisors, we help you and your team make sound and secure decisions regarding your legal, commercial, and strategic options.

UAE Business Lawyer Near Me Dubai Business Law Services at The In-house Company encompass a wide spectrum of legal expertise tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses operating in Dubai and the UAE. Our team of experienced attorneys specializes in providing strategic counsel and legal solutions that align with the specific goals and challenges faced by our clients. Corporate Law and Governance Central to our Business Law Services is our expertise in corporate law and governance. We assist businesses in navigating regulatory frameworks, drafting corporate governance policies, and ensuring compliance with local laws. Our team conducts thorough legal reviews and advises on best practices for corporate governance, enabling businesses to maintain transparency, accountability, and legal compliance in their operations. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Our M&A services are designed to facilitate smooth transactions and strategic growth opportunities for businesses in Dubai. We provide comprehensive legal support throughout the M&A process, including due diligence, contract negotiations, and regulatory approvals. By conducting detailed financial analyses and risk assessments, we help clients mitigate potential risks and maximize the synergies of mergers and acquisitions. Commercial Contracts and Transactions Effective management of commercial contracts and transactions is essential for protecting business interests and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. Our attorneys specialize in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements, including sales contracts, distribution agreements, and licensing arrangements. We leverage our expertise in contract law to ensure that our clients' interests are safeguarded while minimizing legal risks and disputes. Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and Trademarks Protecting intellectual property rights is critical for businesses looking to safeguard their innovations and brand assets. Our IP services include trademark registration, copyright protection, and enforcement strategies across the Middle East and the UAE. We conduct comprehensive trademark searches, file applications, and provide strategic advice on IP portfolio management to ensure that our clients' intellectual assets are adequately protected and enforced. Compliance and Regulatory Advice Navigating the complex regulatory landscape of Dubai requires proactive compliance strategies and adherence to local laws. Our legal team offers strategic advice on regulatory compliance, helping businesses understand and comply with industry-specific regulations, licensing requirements, and corporate governance standards. We conduct regulatory audits, provide ongoing compliance monitoring, and assist in resolving regulatory issues to mitigate legal risks and ensure business continuity. Dispute Resolution and Litigation In cases where disputes arise, our litigation team is equipped to provide robust legal representation and advocacy. We handle a variety of business disputes, including contract disputes, commercial litigation, and regulatory investigations. Our approach emphasizes alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration, to achieve timely and cost-effective resolutions while protecting our clients' interests in court when necessary. At The In-house Company, we are committed to delivering comprehensive Business Law Services that empower businesses to navigate legal challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth in Dubai's competitive business environment. Whether you are expanding your business, protecting intellectual property, or resolving disputes, our team of dedicated attorneys is here to provide strategic counsel and tailored legal solutions that support your success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your business with our expertise in Business Law Services.

Providing exceptional legal consultancy and business consultancy from the start.


Meet our leadership

Jayshree Gupta

Founding Director

Jshree is an established member of the Gulf community and one of the most influential female lawyers in the region who has appeared on power lists including that of Arabian Business.

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Shubha Gupta

Director, Business Advisory

Her years of experience at the prestigious banks in the UAE has placed her as a top expert in her field.

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