The In-House Company has legal experience in multiple sectors. We cover concerns such as corporate and commercial law, franchise law, intellectual property, trademark registration in the Middle East

THINC takes pride in our extensive coverage of different industries and sectors.

Our consultancy is concentrated on the following: Corporate and commercial law including joint ventures and strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, structuring and restructuring, franchise law, licensing and brand protection, commercial contracts and information technology law.


Business structure | Expansion | Brick and mortar | Structure expansion | Divestment

Luxury & Fashion

Product & brand development | Trademark registration | Brand protection | Intellectual property | Logistics & shipping fulfillment


Launch | Regulation & policies | T&Cs | Vendor/Supplier/Marketplace Agreements | Policies for B2C, B2B, C2C


Hotel management agreements | Pre-opening & technical services agreements | Trademark licensing agreements | Hotel management agreements | Shared services agreements | Risk and liability management


Golf, Cricket, and Tennis
Venue hire | Broadcasting rights | Sponsorship agreements | Influencer & collaboration agreements | Sport management | Negotiations produce agreements


End-to-end acquisition | Middle East region and India target identification


Capital raise | M&A | Fraud and Abuse, HIPAA, FDA and industry guidance | Agreements | Negotiations | Legal claims and counter-claims

Food & Beverage

Compliance strategies | Regulatory compliance | Agreements


Regulatory framework | First-to-market | Beat current market leaders | Collaborations


Energy Security | Legal Compliance

Real Estate

Legal advice on real property and landholdings transaction | Investments | Developments.