The In-House Company has legal experience in multiple sectors. We cover concerns such as corporate and commercial law, franchise law, intellectual property, trademark registration in the Middle East

Covered Sectors

THINC takes pride in our extensive coverage of different industries and sectors.

Our consultancy is concentrated on the following: Corporate and commercial law including joint ventures and strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, structuring and restructuring, franchise law, licensing and brand protection, commercial contracts and information technology law.


Develop your business confidently. Our advisory safeguards your business structure for profitable expansion. We understand both brick and mortar and e-commerce business structures and how to help structure expansion and divestment.

Luxury and Fashion

THINC facilitates product & brand development. We handle trademark registration and matters relating to brand protection and protecting your intellectual property. We advise on contracts relating to logistics and shipping fulfillment of your apparel line.


We help you launch your e-commerce business and vet the regulation and policies around products and draft the terms and conditions of business and vendor/supplier/market place agreements. We seek to protect you by refining your policies be it for business-to-consumer, business-to-business, or consumer-to-consumer online transactions.


The THINC team has extensive experience working with both owners and operators. We can help draft and negotiate the suite of hotel management agreements including pre-opening and technical services agreements, trademark licensing agreements, hotel management agreements and shared services agreements for integrated complexes. We help owners with drafting commercially viable documents to ensure performance standards and manage risk and liability.


At THINC, we are passionate about sport and we combine our legal acumen with our knowledge of sport especially golf, cricket and tennis. We advise on venue hire, broadcasting rights, sponsorship agreements and influencer and collaboration agreements. Sport management and negotiations produce agreements that favor both you and your collaborators in the arena of sports, fitness, and/or active recreation.


Experience ease in end-to-end acquisition of schools, universities, and other academic institutions using THINC. We have also helped our clients identify targets in the Middle East region and in India for acquisition.


From administrative to regulatory nuances of healthcare law, THINC fixates on areas that require more focus and attention in the healthcare industry, including but not limited to capital raise, M&A, laws and regulations that deal with Fraud and Abuse, HIPAA, FDA and industry guidance. As professionals who are  steeped in the nuances of the healthcare industry, you are at an advantage in negotiating, drafting agreements, and handling disputes that require a healthcare lawyer’s experience and a commercial business advisor’s perspective. We also understand how to assert effective legal claims and counter-claims, how to leverage the record for maximum success when negotiating an optimal resolution, and proper counselling in purchase and sale of medical products that may have legal implications.

Food and Beverage

Benefit from THINC’s strong M&A expertise in food manufacturing & distribution, tailor-made compliance strategies for food regulatory compliance, as well as any guidance in any kind of legal issues relating to the life cycle of food and agricultural products. Your team at THINC consists of veteran lawyers that have defended food and feed products in litigation and have communicated with authorities to clear complex regulatory situations.


Technology is forever changing and is dynamic. New laws often do not keep up with technological advancement but are created to help control issues that may arise. We help you navigate the new maze of Internet and Cyber law and gain an understanding on the regulatory framework that applies to their business. We want to ensure that your business goes first-to-market, otherwise beat the current market leaders in the industry and we want to advise you on the right collaborations for your business model.


Enjoy the security that you are safely exploring, producing, and distributing energy. THINC insures that your practices conforms to legal standards.

Real Estate

THINC provides legal advice on real property and landholdings transactions. Your team at THINC is sure to cover your legal concerns on several aspects of your real estate investments and developments.

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