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We are THINC: The In-House Company

About ◆ Highly Experienced Lawyers and Advisors in Dubai

The In-house Company specializes in corporate M&A, joint ventures, strategic tie-ups, licensing and franchising, and private placement.

Our experienced lawyers and advisors act as your very own in-house legal team, THINCing with you to find quality solutions and practical strategies.

We provide cross border legal and business advisory services in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the wider GCC and the Middle East region, Africa, India, UK and mainland Europe.

THINCing with you

Services ◆ Legal Consultancy and Business Advisory Service

Consult to maximize your capacity for growth and productivity for industries like Consumer and Retail, E-Commerce, Sports & Media, Education, Industrials, Hospitality, Energy (going green projects), and other sectors.

As legal consultants and business advisors, we help you and your team make sound and secure decisions regarding your legal, commercial, and strategic options.

We handle the legal requirements for your business setup and strategy in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and the wider Middle East. We offer specialized capital raising and related advisory to business, private investors, and families.

Flexible yet straightforward, our end-to-end consultancy service means we will be providing you our expertise from start to finish. We help get it done.

Jshree Gupta ◆ Founding and Managing Partner

She has pioneered set up of an international law firm and has served global committees in IT and innovation. She has also served on the Dubai International Financial Centre’s regulatory supervision committee for 8 years.

Shubha Gupta ◆ Director

Shubha Gupta is the Director of Business Advisory at THINC, a legal consultancy and business advisory firm.

She has been in the investment banking industry for upward of 15 years, honing her skills and expertise. Her years of experience at the prestigious banks in the UAE now places her as a top expert in her field. From acquisitions and divestitures to strategic advisory, Shubha Gupta's expertise is beyond comparison.

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