THINC’s advisory team in Dubai guarantees quality solutions by an experienced team of advocates & business advisors.

Business Advisory

We provide bespoke Corporate Finance Advisory, Business Strategy and Solutions, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Expertise, Private Placement and Debt Advisory. Our focus is on adding value to your business.

Business Advisory Services | Value Proposition

Business Advisory Services

Our dedicated Business Advisory team is focused in providing the following services.

Leveraging on our significant experience and in-depth regional market knowledge, we can provide you with expert business and corporate finance advise across different sectors, including, but not limited to food & beverage, healthcare, and industrials.

Business Strategy

Reach your goals swiftly, produce a tactical allocation of your resources, and bolster your competitive advantage.

Business Valuations

We conduct valuations from start-ups to multinational billion dollar companies, no matter the complexity. This includes proactive analysis of value drivers to enhance or protect the valuation and establishing fair consideration in ongoing transactions between affiliated organizations.

Enterprise Architecture Solutions

Identify risks and growth opportunities to be able to standardize and improve the infrastructure that strategically shape your business.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

We identify the weaknesses and strengths of companies that can be consolidated into your own.

Private Placement

Raise your business capital by offering equity shares to select investors and institutions, to navigate to a comparably less difficult regulatory requirement, reduced cost, and maintain the privacy of your company versus a public offering.


Dispose of an asset or subsidiary that no longer serves your best interest  to create further value for your company.


Pursue mutually beneficial objectives with one or more entities while retaining independence.

Corporate Reorganizations

We restructure your company to comply with ever-changing regulations, increase business efficiency, and improve profitability.

Value Proposition

At THINC, we offer integrated solutions with full access to our multi-functional legal consultancy and business advisory specialists.

We have the capabilities to deliver end-to-end functional solutions for your business.

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